Abstract: Following the pioneering development of the Time Projection Chamber (TPC) for PEP, the very successful e+e- applications for TOPAZ, ALEPH and DELPHI and the recent success of STAR in Heavy-Ion physics, the TPC detector concept is now being considered for many different applications. The most demanding accelerator-based applications are for Nuclear Physics with ALICE at LHC where the multiplicities are extremely high, and for the future Linear Collider were very precise momentum measurements and perfect pattern recognition are required. Other future applications require low- energy measurements of nuclear recoil for directional dark matter searches, and of the characteristic patterns in double beta decay with excellent 0.1% energy determination. In addition, tracking of low-energy fragments from neutrino-nucleus interactions are needed in long-baseline neutrino experiments such as T2K. Next-generation TPC detector designs using Micro-Pattern Gas Detector (MPGD) readout are being studied to satisfy the International Linear Collider (ILC) high-precision and pattern recognition robustness requirements. This talk will provide an overview of planned TPC applications. A detailed review of the international LC-TPC R&D organization, results on testing of GEM and Micromegas based TPC's and future R&D plans will be presented.