With the XENON100 and the XMAS experiments taking data, the Dark Matter Search field is preparing for the next generation of experiments. There will be an additional project, Panda-X.
This project started last year to bring a sizeable LXe dual phase detector to work in the just finished Jin Ping laboratory in southern China, Szechuan province. In the initial implementation the mass will be about 25 kg of xenon after a 5 cm all around fiducial cut. The detector is housed in a passive lead/poly shield. The shield, but also the detector vessels are dimensioned sufficient for a future version.  The great depth ( >6000 m.w.e.) of the lab reduces the background to a level which does not require an external muon veto any longer. The TPC is optimized towards high light yield for a low trigger threshold, and a high drift field for enhanced gamma ray discrimination.
The design is completed, and the major items are ordered. After extensive testing the detector is expected to be ready for data taking in the late fall 2011.