We are currently developing processes for fabricating thin electrical
contacts on silicon semiconductor detectors both for soft x-ray
detection and for detection of low energy particles in space physics
experiments.  Currently we use two processes for fabricating contacts on
silicon detectors.  The first yields a relatively thick contact.
However, it’s utility lies in the fact that it only requires a
relatively low processing temperature and can thus be performed on CMOS
chips that have been fully processed.  The second yields a fairly thin
(200Å) thick contact, but requires a higher processing temperature and
thus it can not be used on metalized devices.  This contact has found
application in measurements of low energy particle distributions in the
magnetosphere and heliosphere.  For even thinner contacts that can be
fabricated on CMOS sensor chips we plan to use Molecular Beam Epitaxy
(MBE).  This method has been used successfully to fabricate contacts
that are less than 100Å thick.

Contact : Arai (yasuo.arai_at_kek.jp)
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