SOI Pixel Collaboration Members & Partners

Member & Partner List (2015.1.21)

SOI Evaluation Board with Si/TCP (SEABAS)

SEABAS Test Board Documents

SOI Portable Radiation image Terminal (SPRiT)

SPRiT Documents

SOIPIX Figures, Photos etc.

Double SOI

Double SOI Detector

SOIPIX with Charged Particle : C-BPW2, C-BPW3, C-BPW4, C-BPW4J

SOIPIX with X-ray : X-ray2, X-ray2 BPW, X-ray4 BPW-J

SOIPIX with Compton-e : Comp-1

Double SOIPIX with Charged Particle : C-Double2



Pixel Detector based on Wafer Bonding Silicon-On-Insulator Technology

SOI image : SOI_X_cr_s.jpg, SOIdpix1_final_bk_s.jpg, SOImovie_110111_mpeg75


Other Past Figures, Photos etc.