Call for Nov. 2020 SOI MPW run

Dear Colleague, 

  We would like to call participants for the next SOI pixel MPW run. The schedule of the MPW run is as follows. 

  • Deadline of expression of interest : July. 30, 2020
  • Fix submission, mask area and cost: Aug. 30, 2020
  • Deadline of submission : Nov. 20, 2020
  • Scheduled deliver of the chips : end of Mar. 2021

Please send following information to by July. 30th.

====== required information ====

  • Name, affiliation and e-mail address of contact person.
  • Required chip area.
  • Short description of your chip function.
  • Tell us if you have any special request (3D integration, backside process, thickness, additional chips etc.)


[MPW run information]

 Process: 0.2um FD-SOI pixel process by Lapis Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

 Wafer: 8", P-type single SOI wafer with 145nm BOX, ~5kOhmcm resistivity. (If you want to use other type of wafer, please consult with us.)

 Prices for chip submission: (1 USD~110 Yen or 1 Euro~120 Yen)

  • 2.90 x 2.9 mm2 : 2.8 MYen
  • 4.45 x 4.45 mm2 : 5.3 MYen
  • 6.00 x 6.00 mm2 : 8.8 MYen
  • Other size : consultation required

No. of bare chips delivered to you : ~ 22 chips/submission


Academic user can receive 30%~50% discount from above prices. The discount rate will depend on total requested chip area and budget joining this MPW run. You may be able to get more chips in case less than 50% discount where we duplicate chip design in a mask to fulfill the mask area.

- Consumption Tax will be added to all the price for Japanese user.
- For foreign user, shipping and handling fees will be added.
- Contract to foreign users will be done through H-Repic Co (

Optionally you can ask packaging and extra wafers. The cost will be announced later.

If we can not get enough submissions to operate this run, we may postpone or cancel the MPW run. I hope many of the SOI user participate this MPW run actively to success the run.


Yasuo Arai
KEK, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies
1-1 Oho, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0801, JAPAN
tel +81-29-879-6211, fax +81-29-864-3284

Last modified: 2020.7.20